PDI納品前整備|メンテナンス グローバル人材技術教育技能開発 グローバル工学部卒高度人材紹介


PDI (Pre-delivery Inspection) & Maintenance
At Mecanica, we can introduce vehicles that meet your needs, provide vehicle overviews, provide quotes, and provide consultation on vehicle transportation for those considering new vehicles.
We also sell parts, explain parts lists, provide anticipated replacement parts, and provide inspection, maintenance, and repair services.
建機整備員トレーリングセンター in セブ


Construction equipment maintenance worker training center in Cebu
Conducted construction equipment maintenance training for graduates of engineering departments from four universities in the Philippines (Cebu Island).
We cultivate excellent engineers by providing courses on the Japanese philosophy of manufacturing, business etiquette, and practical training in the maintenance and operation of construction equipment.



  1. 土木工学、機械工学、電気工学、電子工学又はコンピュータ工学を履修した卒業間近又は卒業生をご紹介。2泊3日で直接セブ島にて面談又は気軽にビデオ面談。

  2. Mecanica建機整備員のトレーニングを終了したエンジニアのご紹介も行っております。
Global high-level talent introduction
Introducing engineering degree graduates from the Philippines (Cebu Island).
Students from Cebu Island, located in the Visaya region (central Philippines), are fluent in at least three languages: Tagalog, English, and Cebuano/Bisaya. When it comes to language, Filipinos are on par with the Europeans. Filipinos have a gentle personality, avoid conflicts, and have a constant smile on their faces.
Based on our track record of providing courses on "manufacturing" and "AI white paper" to the engineering departments of four universities in Cebu Island over the past several years, we have provided support to introduce graduates to Japanese companies with the cooperation of each university.
  1. Introducing soon to graduate students &/or recent graduates who have studied civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, or computer engineering. Either a casual remote web interviews or direct interviews in Cebu City during a short 3 days and 2 nights business trip.
  2. We also introduce engineers who have completed training as Mecanica construction equipment maintenance personnel.

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